The Call to Be Free

When far away whispers my name
Shores soft and sweet tease desires lingering deep
By the light of the moon I sail to distant lands
Where the air is salty sweet
My hips moving to a foreign beat
This call is far from new to me
I greet it with gentle and familiar empathy
For I am here, and far is far
And all alone, countless concerns there are

That whisper calls to the barefoot wide-eyed child inside me
The one that wakes up reaching for the moon after dreaming of touching the sky
For the need to be free, it whispers to me
For the things you have yet to learn, it tempts me
For the pleasure of selfish indulgence, it dares me
For the chance to give and grow, it pleads with me
For the sake of exploration, it wills me
For the love of all things WILD, it screams to me
And all alone, I answer the call to be free

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