I Live 2 Eat

In this world, there are folks bitten hard by the travel bug who just live to travel. They don’t care much how they get there, comfort, or other worldly pleasures, they just want to explore… to adventure into the new and unknown. I know this type of person very well, for I am a proud member of that irrationally wanderlust prone community. Yet, there is another radical and at times irrational community I hold near to my heart, those that live to eat. They go to bed dreaming of their next meal, and daydream of mouth-watering and whimsical flavor combinations. The worst of these folks could care less about anything other than a well-composed plate of food, and would rather nibble on artisan cheese all day and then splurge on a tiny plate of some new age gastronomy for dinner, than to eat three square meals. I am fortunate enough to be afflicted with both of these all-consuming obsessions. Both a travel junkie and a foodie, I am the epitome of a Global Gourmand.
As an avid traveler with little means to do so, before every trip I must take into account my intentions for the trip and thus budget my meager funds towards the appropriate activities. For example, I recently took a trip with my younger sister to Costa Rica for her spring break. On this trip we set our intentions on a rather adventure-touristy track, we saved money by surviving the 10 days on not much other than rice and beans and staying at humble yet homey hostels. Where we splurged was on 10 hour hiking trips, and ziplining through the jungle. Setting intentions are critical for the budget traveler, and even beneficial for those traveling with endless funds at their disposal. This trip to Peru is quite longer than 10 days and, because of this, my trip will cycle through several intentions. Yet, there is one overall theme and that is to share my nomadic journey with the world, and thus I must bring more technology than is typical for me. Due to the extra gadgets I am bringing, I need to place an emphasis on an extremely safe place to stay. The cheapest option I have found that offers the most safety for your belongings is couchsurfing. There is a site for couch surfers where hosts are rated and you can find comments from fellow couch surfers concerning safety and comfort https://www.couchsurfing.com/. Utilizing this site, with a bit of time put into research and communicating with hosts you can get your accommodation costs down to almost zero!
The beginning leg of my trip is in Lima, Peru, and I was fortunate to arrive just as Lima was putting into action their very first food week. During the first two weeks of my trip, I have placed intentions toward my foodie passions. I have spent next to nothing on housing, I take the local “combis” and buses for somewhere between 50 cents and a dollar, leaving the majority of my budget for exceptional nights at Lima’s many fine dining restaurants! Yet, there isn’t a need to break the bank or venture into a fancy restaurant to taste delicious Peruvian food, here in Lima the average café or dulceria offers delectable examples of both traditional dishes and popular fusions for under 5 dollars. In posts to come I’ll share with you my gastronomic adventures in Lima from eating the common Peruvian/Chinese fusion “chifa”, to having 3 course meals with drinks included for a grand total of $4.50, and of course tasting some culinary masterpieces by world-renown Peruvian chefs.

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