Fear’s True Face

I recently posted a quote on Tumblr… “To live in constant fear, is to never know fear’s true face.”  Written by me so I guess it’s kinda just a thought haha…

Fear is something that comes up a lot in conversations with people who hear I’m a woman traveling the world alone. “Aren’t you afraid?” My quick answer is usually no, but that is not entirely true. Just because I don’t fear the unknown, doesn’t mean I’m never afraid. I think that fear is the most important thing to have when traveling alone no matter your sex, male or female or something of your choosing 🙂 . Our body’s have a natural defense system to keep us safe in any situation, and it’s called our intuition. Our intuition warns us of danger with the feeling of fear, this feeling is that pit in your stomach or the sudden wave of unease when debating a decision. The problem that arises with living in fear is that your mind puts your body into a constant state of panic, daydreaming of worst-case scenarios and worrying about what’s around every corner. When your body senses real danger and tries to warn your mind, you can no longer feel your intuition, it just looks like all the other fears created by your mind. To be a safe solo traveler you must live and die by your intuition.

That said, don’t disregard your intelligent mind. Analyzing the situation and the potential dangers is very important, but when you think… don’t forget to feel. As a Virgo, analyzing comes natural to me, I debate the pros and cons of everything from which corner store to buy a soda from… to what street to take at night. I think, then I feel, then I let it be. I have confidence in my decisions, and I have faith in my intuition. This is why no, I am not afraid in the places I travel to, and in my mind I constantly send out positive vibrations of safety. When my conscious mind is at ease, I can immediately feel when my subconscious mind senses danger and I know that pit in my stomach is real. What keeps me safe, is that I have learned to see fear’s true face.

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