The Dish That Won My Sol

Today I visited the highly recommended Canta Rana in the Barranco District of Lima, Peru. I ended up going all out and spending 48 soles on lunch ($16), rather than the usual 9 soles ($3). This dish was worth every Sol spent! Tiradito, a formidable cousin of the traditional ceviche with just a few notable differences. Compared to a ceviche, this dish is composed without the typical onslaught of raw onion and rather than chunks of bite-sized pieces, the actual “meat” of the dish is sliced thinly and usually the bottom layer beneath some delectable sauce or a more traditional citrus marinade. This particular variation of tiradito was topped with a aji chili cream sauce, avocados, and calamari. Having a slight onion allergy, I have always had a love/hate relationship with ceviche. When I stumbled upon this culinary masterpiece it won both my heart and my Sol!